Metro Express has been a pioneer in the application of technology for the transportation industry. Our company looks for new ways to use technology to accelerate the development of business relationships and opportunities.

Below are a few examples of how Metro Express uses technology to improve its service:

Metro Express uses Qualcomm’s private fleet management systems to provide better route planning for our fleet and to more easily track and communicate with our teams. The system provides accurate tracking of all assets and increases on-time delivery by controlling the number of out of route miles. In the expedited industry, it’s important to react to a change at a moment’s notice and Qualcomm makes communicating with our fleet simple, fast and effective.

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Metro implemented this software in July 2004 and provided a significant upgrade in meeting the time sensitive requirements of our customers. Sylectus is a highly integrated system that allows Metro Express to concentrate on servicing its customers rather than spending time on data entry.

Sylectus streamlines the entire transaction process by allowing Metro to respond to orders electronically, send updates automatically and make settlements through Epay Manager. The system is also integrated with Qualcomm, PC Miler and other software systems.

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Epay Manager, a Level One Technologies application, allows Metro Express to utilize electronic invoices to more efficiently manage its freight billing process. Proofs of delivery are also faxed into this system making it a much faster method of receiving, storing and retrieving a signed bill of lading.

Metro Express uses Epay as a tool to assist in attracting new shippers by negotiating discounted rates for early payment. Epay is also used as a driver retention tool because it allows Metro Express to offer direct deposit to its drivers for weekly settlements.

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