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You Matter
Say Goodbye to Being Taken for Granted

Many carriers are indifferent to the needs of their driver teams.
Others don’t recognize the sacrifices teams make hauling loads for their customers.


Inconsistent Pay

Many teams aren’t paid what they’re worth, because the mileage rate is too low, or the team isn’t compensated for dead, or go home miles.

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Disrespectful Dispatchers

Some companies employ dispatchers who don’t care about their drivers or who are not very good at working with people.


Long Layovers or Bad Lanes

Many carriers don’t realize how costly it is for teams to wait for their next load or be held at a dock waiting to be unloaded.


No Freedom or Flexibility

Many carriers don’t respect a team’s need to go home or maintain a schedule.

We Know How to Treat You

We know how hard your job is, and how you may have been taken for granted by other carriers.

Quality driver teams are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why our compensation package is one of the best and why you’ll be treated as a valuable team member.

Here’s Who We Are

Established Expedited Carrier, Founded in 1989

Our Staff Includes Former Drivers Who Understand Your Needs

Our Dispatchers are Friendly & Driver Oriented

We Manage Fuel Tax & HOS Reporting

We Pay Our Teams by Direct Deposit

Our Driver Teams Stay With Us For Many Years

Getting Started is Easy

1. Apply & Qualify

When you apply as an Owner Operator Team, we will pre-qualify you and your team driver, by obtaining your DAC, PSP and Criminal reports.  Once you’re approved, we’ll ask each of you to take a standard DOT drug test.

2. Paid Orientation

Next, you’ll come to St. Louis for a 2-day paid orientation.  On the first day, we’ll discuss company policies and procedures and you’ll watch safety videos. On the second day, you’ll finish orientation and perform a pre-trip vehicle inspection and road test.   

3. Get On the Road

When everything is complete, you’ll meet our dispatchers and be assigned your first load.  At this point, you’re fully trained and ready to be on the road and making money.

Consistent Miles & Pay

Get paid for all miles driven. 1,300 mile avg load.

Respectful Treatment

You’ll become a valued member of our team.

Frequent Time At Home

You will be able to create your own schedule.

Stress Free Environment

Enjoy a positive work environment.

Driver Testimonials

  • I really love driving with my dog, Zoey.  Metro's pet policy allows me the freedom to keep my best friend with me. I can't imagine leaving her at home while I'm away working.  There are so many good things about driving for Metro Express, but my favorite is their understanding about the importance of pets, and being able to bring Zoey with me on the road.

    Kurt Olsen

  • Great dispatch team and excellent customer service. Owner Operators are treated with courtesy and respect. The pay is always consistent and timely.

    Octavio Rivera

  • I told my husband Alan how Lucky we are. He said why? I said because we work for Metro 
Express. They really care about their drivers. For a small company they really do have the right ingredients of a great company.

    Mary Speer, Team Driver

  • In our 20 years of experience, we’ve found this is THE best company for team owner operators! Metro is a small, driver friendly company with mostly very light weight expedited freight. The company has fantastic miles and the best rate of pay you can get anywhere. If you’re a team that doesn’t own a truck, they have options for you. Dispatch needs extra stars!!! (yes I am a driver).

    Debra Shockome, Team Driver

Pet Policy

You love your pet and we know how important that companionship can be towards your happiness.  For that reason, we are happy to have a pet policy that allows you to bring your pet with you.  

Your Support Team

Rob Reed

Rob Reed

Senior Dispatcher

Maintains close relationships with drivers, and keeps them running with high quality loads. Makes sure drivers always have support at all levels while on the road.

Years Dispatching Experience


Rob Reed has been with Metro Express for over 13 years. Rob takes pride in developing strong relationships with all of our drivers on personal level.

Chris Klomps

Chris Klomps

Senior Dispatcher

A seasoned dispatcher, and former Captain in the U.S. Air Force, that helps our drivers get loaded and overcome any obstacles that could impact an on-time delivery.

Years Dispatching Experience


Christopher Klomps is the Operations Captain of Metro Express Tranportation Services. He has over 16 years of experience working in the industry. He came to us after serving 8 years as a Captain in the United States Air Force.

John Whaley

John Whaley

Operations Manager

Manages truck and trailer maintenance and repairs, and facilitates the relationships between driver teams and other departments in the company.

Years Driving Experience


For the past 24 years, I’ve served as the operations manager for Metro Express Transportation Services. In that capacity, I manage the company’s truck and trailer maintenance issues. More importantly, I also work to create and maintain friendly and productive relationships between our driver teams and our safety, dispatch teams and back-office support. The success I’ve had in doing my job is tied to the many years I worked as a driver for the company. That experience taught me how drivers think and the high level of support it takes to keep them happy.

Mark Westfall

Mark Westfall

Safety Director

Keeps our drivers legal by closely monitoring all qualification and hours of service issues. Also trains on company policies and safety guidelines.

Years Driving Experience


I have over 35 years of experience in the transportation industry. Since 1993, I’ve served as Metro’s Safety Director. Prior to taking that position, I was a driver for the company, and I later assisted management in training new hires. My goal was to make certain each new driver understood and followed the company’s policies and safety guidelines. My current responsibility is to make certain that all of Metro’s drivers stay legal. To do this, I closely monitor all driver qualification and hours of service issues, so that they never affect a driver’s PSP.

Driver Benefits