Metro Express Transportation Services is a leading provider of premium ground transportation, specializing in time-critical, high value shipments. The company is based in St. Louis, Missouri and has more than nineteen years of experience in the automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

Metro Express is is CSA and FAST certified. All trucks are team driven and satellite tracked and provide twenty four hour direct freight service between all points in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In June 2005, Metro Express joined C-TPAP (Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism); this membership provides an opportunity for the company to play an active role in the war against terrorism.

To enhance its position as a good steward of the environment, the company has been approved to participate in the EPA Smartway Transport Partnership Program.

Since its inception, Metro Express has been a pioneer in the development and application of technology for the transportation industry. The company consistently looks for new ways to use technology to reduce our cost and promote more accurate and reliable methods of reporting to our customers and various governmental bodies.

These technologies include the use of EDI and web-based management software systems, to receive new orders from customers, track and trace shipments, provide load updates and proof of deliveries and electronically invoice customers and pay our drivers. They include the use of Qualcomm satellite tracking technology to manage our drivers' hours of service and fuel tax reporting responsibilities.

Metro Express Logistics provides third party services to our customers when a Metro Express truck is not available. This company uses proven and reliable carriers that are part of an alliance of expedited carriers, to which Metro Express is a member. This alliance is made up of more than fifty like-minded carriers who subscribe to a standardized code of conduct and use common software and reporting methods.

To enhance its relationship with the alliance members, the company uses a web based transportation management system to receive new orders from customers, track and trace shipments and update load information. It also uses Epay Manager; a web based electronic freight distribution system, self invoicing, document imaging and electronic payment system, which uses the web to send available load information to carriers and allows them to respond electronically. It also collects and organizes carrier responses, so that our dispatchers can quickly review and award loads to the most qualified carriers. Once a load is delivered, the system electronically invoices our customers, self-invoices our carriers and makes settlements using direct deposit.



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