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Our Tracking, Communication, & On Time Performance Will Allow You To Relax

Have you ever had an important shipment and couldn’t get an update from the truck?

Our Customers never have that problem.

With real time updates, they not only know where their freight is, they also know when it will arrive at its destination. 


24/7 Availability

Our dispatch team is available 24/7, which means our customers always have access to one of our dispatchers.  

Samsara Tracking

Our vehicles are continually tracked, with regular updates provided by the latest Samsara devices.

Customer Interface

For customers who want to track their own shipments, we offer a real-time shipment tracking interface.

Your Emergency is Our Routine

Never again worry about whether your freight will be picked up or delivered on time.  Our team of highly experienced and dedicated dispatchers will make certain your shipping needs are met every time.

Contact us today to let one of our tractor trailer teams pick up your freight and deliver it safely to its destination.

We Have The Experience

29 Years of Experience as an Expedited Carrier

Late Model Equipment

Highly Skilled and Experienced Team Drivers with Very Low Turnover

Advanced Technology For Shipment Tracking and Updates

Skilled and Dedicated Dispatchers

An Unsurpassed Record of On Time Performance

Problem Solving Expertise to Make Sure Your Loads are On Time, Every Time


Our Expedited Services


United States


We are a proven expedited service provider for Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States


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Metro Express Transportation Services is a leading provider of ground transportation services, specializing in expedited truckload freight.  We are an experienced and proven service provider for the automotive industry and other shippers of high value freight.

Our CSA/FAST certified teams provide direct truckload freight service between the US, Mexico and Canada.

A summary of services is as follows:

  • Our teams provide service from all points in the US to all points in Mexico and Canada
  • Late model equipment including 53’ tractor trailers
  • 24-hour dispatch and customer service
  • S. Custom bonded carrier
  • Full logistics services available




Our team is experienced in transporting expedited freight to and from all Canadian and U.S. locations.


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Our team of transportation specialists is experienced in transporting freight to and from all Canadian and U.S. locations.

Metro Express provides direct delivery, expedited truckload services between the US, Mexico and Canada.

  • Expedited teams provide service throughout Canada and the U.S. including Alaska
  • Late model equipment including 53’ tractor trailers
  • 24-hour dispatch and customer service
  • CSA/FAST approved
  • S. Custom bonded carrier
  • C-TPAT certified
  • Full logistics services available



Metro Express has trailer swap agreements in place to facilitate shipments to and from Mexico.


More Details

Metro Express provides a complete range of transportation services between all points in Mexico and the United States and Canada. 

To facilitate this service, we maintain trailers in all major industrial areas to provide fast response to pickup and delivery requests from our Mexican customers and shippers.

A summary of services is as follows:

  • Service thru all US-Mexico gateways
  • Full web track and trace of trailers throughout Mexico
  • Late model 53’ tractor trailers
  • 24-hour dispatch and customer service
  • Full logistics services available